Beach Volley Camp, Öland, Sweden

Posted on July 19, 2008 by Pedro.
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Beach Camp Öland

The next day Shahab and Joel entered the first day’s competition and wont their first game but didn’t make the next round. Continue Reading…

Denmark to Sweden

Posted on July 18, 2008 by Pedro.
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The weather was pretty crappy so I went to the Danske Museum as its free and indoors! Later I caught the train to Kalmar, Sweden, and waited for Shahab and his mate Joel to pick me up. We then drove on to Öland, one of the Swedish Islands, where they were entering a Beach Volley Competition for the week.

The bridge from Kalmar to Öland is one of the longest bridges in Europe, and has a bump at one end to allow ships to pass underneath. Stopping for food, we encountered a strange place that really speeds up the usual pub-to-fast-food plan by literally having a fast food shop IN the pub with live music. Sadly, Shahab is no longer a vegan. But at least its easy for him to sort things out for me :)

We then set up a tent as we were camping the first night. Admittedly right next to a NO TENT sign inside a camping ground, but the grass was soft and we were getting up early :)

RTW: p59 – Stockholm and the Land of IKEA

Posted on October 10, 2006 by Pedro.
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Christoph the swiss (aka Tofu) and I met at Stockholm airport to go to Shahab’s place for a mini Tokyo reunion! Shahab is a fellow Vegan and also into party organising, so he had quite a weekend planned!
Stockholm & its people = beautiful & friendly! Plus they love to drink and Party!
First night we tried a local bar and met a very strange african/russian guy.
Friday it was the Central Bath for spas, saunas, pools etc. Followed with THE BEST Vegetarian Buffet EVER! 3 plates later i could barely move. At night we hit 2 cool bars for dancing and drinks. And a funny event on the bus that could only be understood by us, landed us shouting “Ohayou Gozaimasu!” (good morning in Japanese) at 2am just before a Japanese guy got on the bus with some Swedish mates! Very funny.

Next day Shahab led us on a walking tour all through Stockholm before a fun house party but unfortunately no time to visit the mega-motherland-IKEA store before ending out my time in Stockholm!