RTW: p30 – Sakura, Hanami 2

Posted on April 1, 2006 by Pedro.
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On Saturday it was “spot the gaijin” at Yoyogi Park, as Its not hard to notice 10 foreigners walking through the park, late, looking for a place to sit. Our group however was about half Japanese
Stocked up with a couple of 100¥ sheets, too much food and a decent amount of booze, we spent the afternoon chilling out and drinking and listening to the DJ playin in the park! I attempted to retrieve a ball stuck in a tree, but some how my climbing ability was dropped down a notch. Again I came to the conclusion Chu-Hi is bad. Even after a couple it makes you feel like you’ve had 10 rounds of sumo. Great when you have a 36hour shift about to start! 😉

Dunno who half these people are..And some people lighting candles to continue the night in the park. And a bunch of business looking guys planning a big night, with boxes of alcohol sitting in the middle.
Strangely, many of my photos around this time came out blury?? Must have been the camera… 😀

RTW: p29 – Sakura, Hanami 1

Posted on March 31, 2006 by Pedro.
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Spring in Japan is obvious as it brings Sakura, (Cherry Blossoms). Along with trees blooming all over Japan simultaneously, everything else follows from Sakura themed advertising to special photo film, made specifically for taking photos of Sakura. Yep, it’s all about Sakura, and is celebrated by HANAMI.

Basically it means everyone goes to sit under the Sakura trees and get pissed. Crowding the parks, people scout the best spots early in the day and hang around till after dark, drinking and eating.

My day 1 of Hanami was actually at work! We have one large tree out the front of the building and (almost) everyone was able to stop work and relax. LDW provided 3 KEGS! and other drinks and food.

RTW: p23 – LDW Company Tour

Posted on February 25, 2006 by Pedro.
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I was lucky enough to go on the yearly LDW company tour! This was by far my biggest insight into Japanese Culture.
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