Ko Tao Diving

So after taking 12hours to get here, I went straight to the dive shop so I could do my refresher dive! It’s been about 5 years since I last went diving, and this year Erika got her open water so its time to see some fish! There’s loads of dive shops on the island, including one dive factory shop that puts through more students than anywhere else in the world. We picked Ocean Republic Diving, mostly because of their connection to Sea Sheapherd 🙂 .

We went to Japanese gardens, Mango Bay, Twins, and the most popular (but furthest from Ko Tao) Sail Rock. The rock sticks about 8m above the surface and around 20 below, with loads of schooling fish. We JUST missed seeing a whale shark here! Half of our group went right and we went left and they managed to see a baby whale shark while we didn’t 😢. We went searching on our second dive at the spot but no luck. We DID see loads of batfish, angel fish, barracuda, grouper, trewally, fuisilier, queenfish, and more!

The water was a crazy 29°. After a couple of dives I decided not to bother with the wet suit, I was TOO warm. Almost no current at any of the sites, and visibility not bad, 5-10m most times. The first day my instructor pointed out it was raining, I couldn’t tell I thought it was a boat making noise! But when we surfaced it was quite heavy. Next few days were clear and I got burned only on my hands and lower leg, leaving an interesting ‘tan’ line!

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