Launceston Overtime

We planned to only spend half a day in Launceston, basically to see Cataract Gorge and fly out the next morning. Then some big storms hit Sydney and threw that all out! Especially with Jet Star who don’t help much in reassigning flights, eventually getting us all on a flight 2.5 days later (they tried to book us separately and on flights that would likely be canceled?!). We were able to stay in our Air Bnb one more night but they were busy the next and we had to find another place. After that we tried to entertain ourselves for two days in Launceston, where there isn’t much going on πŸ™‚ . Penny Royal is a terrible and terribly expensive adventure park, and the wetlands didn’t offer much. But it passed the time! On our last night we planned to cook dinner but I didn’t realise the Air bnb I booked in a rush had no kitchen! Luckily cataract gorge has free BBQs you can use.

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