Cradle Mountain

After a long day and drive from Hobart to Freycinet, we have a few more hours drive to get to Mole Creek. We wanted to get most of the driving done before it got dark, and we were close. But for the last 10-20min it was very dark and no street lights. The last 5min was off the main road, we slowed down and headed towards our Airnbnb Cottage. We got slower and slower, and then to a complete stop with a goat standing right in the middle of the road! He didn’t seem to want to move, and I pushed Erika to try and get him to the side so I could drive past. Mum could not stop laughing as the goat completely ignored her haha. Eventually he moved to the side, but the opposite side to the post he was chained to, making me drive over the chain hoping there was enough slack and that he wouldn’t move!
Then, the last 100m we crawled down the road as possums, Wallabies, Pademelons and more darted left and right directly in front of the car! I was quite happy to get to the cottage and park without hitting anything! The cottage was on a farm, with lots of goats, sheep and cows nearby.

Next morning we headed to Cradle Mountain and chose one of the walks down to Dove Lake. I picked the Wombat path because.. wombats.. But also because it was supposed to be mostly an easy path to walk on. We DID see wombats, including one sleeping right next to the path! And yes their poo is square XD . But after a while, the path disappeared and was pretty rocky the rest of the way.

We took a side trip to the wombat pool, which was a bit of an uphill mission, with no extra wombats (one big echidna though!). Then finally to the beautiful Dove Lake, surrounded by mountains. After wondering around we got the bus backup to the top. It poured rain just after we got on, and stopped before we got off, perfect timing!

Before leaving Mole Creek we went to Marakoopa Caves!

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