Port Arthur & Eaglehawk Neck

We are planning to do quite a few K’s driving around Tassie this week, and we step it up with a visit to Port Arthur via Eaglehawk Neck. Around Eaglehawk Neck is Tasman Arch, the blowhole, and after a 5min drive on a pretty rough road (for an Astra), and removing a fallen tree, there were a bunch of lookout points over the cliffs. While Erika and I were busy taking photos, mum spotted an echidna walking around looking for food! He was very near the edge of the cliff. At Port Arthur Historic Site, they give you a bit of a tour and tell you the history of the prison and the types of people who were sent there. Pretty rough life, and many that made it out ended up staying or coming back, not able to make it on the outside.

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