TOKYO Dec 17!

It’s been a few years since I last visited Japan! We are heading for the snow but we can’t skip Tokyo, hitting up all the popular sights. Asakusa for Sensoji Temple with its market street selling tradtional Japanese snacks, and additional festive markets, including a guy making traditional Japanese Kites! He painted them as everyone watched, but they seemed to be selling faster than he could paint them.

We went up Tokyo Skytree, a huge tower that makes Tokyo look like small, quite the feat. You can stand on the glass panels and look directly down 350m! That’s about 100 stories high. It’s crazy. You can go up another 100m to the upper deck too. They had a VR station so you could look around and see the internal structures of the tower.

Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli Museum is another must see, especially for fans of the films! We went with Aiko And Aoi, who visited us in Singapore recently too. The museum has a lot of art works, pieces depicting various forms of animation, a mock studio, and you can view an original short film only shown inside the museum. Kids can also play on the Neko Bus from Totoro, but adults aren’t allowed.

The giant Gundam statue is back in Odaiba, and it moves (a little) and lights up at night. Meiji Jingu Temple near Harajuku was busy and preparing for New Year’s Eve when the crowd is massive. Then a stroll from there down Takeshita Street, Harajuku’s epicenter of cute fashion and toys. Masa also joined us when he was free and drove us around Tokyo for some other sights and ending at an izakaya! 🙂

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