Cesky Krumlov

Our main reason to go to Prague was because Erika wanted to visit Cesky Krumlov! This little fairy-tale-castle is quite popular, and about a 2hr bus ride from Prague. Weather was pretty cold outside, and we saw old snow covering some fields. However the bus was heated to easily over 35C! It was ridiculous, It was freezing outside but I was sweating like crazy on this bus with no fresh air. Any longer than 2hrs and I think I would have passed out.

Wandering around the Castle, a couple of bits were closed unfortunately, but its still very scenic despite the weather. Would have been nice to see some snow capped roof tops but no such luck. It’s quite nice at night too and we hung around for some photos, but selfies were quite difficult with our hands frozen and we resorted to tapping our phones with our noses instead haha.

We also very nearly missed the bus back, as it was very dark and the way to the bus stop isn’t clearly signed. Luckily Google showed us we were off course with enough time to backtrack and make the sweat-bus back to Prague.

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