London 2016

Back visiting London after Five years!

Mum and Dad visited their old stomping grounds (pubs) while I showed Erika as much as I could in 5 days. There’s a lot to try and pack in, Big Ben, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Natural History & Science museums, Southbank, Tower Bridge etc. etc, and no London visit is complete without a trip to Hamley’s, the world’s best toy store! (The Lego store wasn’t bad either.)

With all the markets and festivals on, not to mention oxford street shopping madness (absolutely mental, there were police ushering people off the road so buses could get past), we bought surprisingly few things. Even Erika! I just bought lots of foods I can’t get back in Singapore.

There were still a few familiar faces remaining in London, so I managed to catch up with Rob & meet his girlfriend Yas, Cat, Tom, Irish Pete & Candice,

Although it was pretty cold, luckily there wasn’t too much rain. But no snow either unfortunately.

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