Driving in Perth

How does Perth Airport not have a train station yet? To get to Fremantle by public transport we would need to take an hour long bus into town and then two trains, or an $80 taxi. Nope. For the first time in almost 10 years, I’m going to drive! 👿

Other people (like my parents) seem more terrified by this than me haha. But Perth is at least an easy place to get back into driving, with far less heavy (or crazy) traffic than Sydney, big wide roads, and with Google Maps telling me “exactly” where to go, it should be a breeze 🙂 .

For our second Air B&B stop we had a cozy attic-granny-flat in the backyard of a friendly family, including a pair of lassie-dogs, one of which was super friendly and visited our door every morning looking for attention (and treats).

We hung out with my Sister’s family and went to the Maritime Museum and the Science Museum which was great, lots of fun things to play with. We played Lego with the boys and Angela spoiled us with her cooking! We also made a visit to Fern Cafe with awesome vegan meals in a bush garden setting, and met Erika’s cousin and her newborn at King’s Park, and saw a short film with Chris who is a film maker I met back in Canada in 2009!

It was quite nice to have a car to get around in for a change, with the cold/wet weather and not-so-useful public transport, and it allowed us to explore to places we wouldn’t have got to otherwise. Lesmurdie falls for example, which were not flowing high but still a nice scenic spot, and a little bandicoot crossed our path. We tried to visit an animal sanctuary but didn’t have much luck and found out you need to book tours for the ones that do accept visitors, but a kind staff member at Kanyaya gave us a quick tour and we saw some birds and got to pat their resident Emu! 🙂

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