Puffing Billy Railway

The Puffing Billy Railway is a bit of a tourist trap, but fun nonetheless. At the station I overheard a kid say “Look, there’s the fat controller!”, I’m not sure the Captain would be impressed! haha. We boarded the old-school Steam Engine Train at Belgrave and headed to Emerald. Unfortunately not all trains go to Lakeside so we didn’t even get to see the lake! The whole point is the train ride itself though, and you can sit on the windows and have your legs hanging over the side.

I reckon the Emerald locals must get so sick of this bloody train coming through and everyone waving at them. I feel like the head of the town enforces a ‘wave back’ policy to keep the tourists happy and the dollar$ rolling in. Picture a town meeting in someone’s barn where they accuse Tim the local carpenter of not waving and affecting Martha’s coffee shop income hahaha. Maybe I’m being too harsh 😛 .

Check out the Double Rainbow!

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