Around Melbourne

What’s this!? Another trip to Aus!? Three times in 4 years, this is almost becoming regular 😀

We stopped in Melbourne first, and caught up with Shippo and Petrina who awesomely made it down from their military duties to see us 🙂 Sadly I failed to get a photo with them, or most of the people we met up with on this trip. Melbourne was bloody freezing, coming from our constant 26-32C of Singapore, but we still decided to go to the beach. Petrina drove us down to Brighton to check out the colourful bathing huts, like the ones in the UK.

Next day we met up with Chris and Jit and headed to South Melbourne Market, before Shippo and ‘Trina had to make their way back to the airport. We then headed into the War Memorial, through Queen Victoria Gardens and into town.

At night we headed to Fitzroy to meet Nichola (Toronto), AP2 (Toronto / Vegas) and Neel (London) for dinner. In walking along Brunswick street we found a goldmine of vegan restaurants, cafes, bars etc. If I ever moved to Melbourne, I would live near here. We gorged on pizza, burgers, nachos, chips, desserts etc. All options quite hard to find in vegan (and gluten free!) options in Singapore. I think ‘Lord of the Fries’ was actually the highlight of the entire holiday for Erika 😀 haha

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