Machine Guns & Yosemite

Machine Guns & Yosemite! Not together of course haha.. Heath and I met Gdunc and a few of his mates in Vegas for his bucks weekend! Apart from drinking giant frozen cocktails and gambling (required by Vegas law), we took a trip to Machine Guns Vegas. We all took turns shooting a hand gun, shotgun, and two automatic weapons. There was also a guy who paid to shoot a mini-gun! O.O This thing was $1500 for 1000 rounds that went by very, very quickly. We all stopped to watch. Even though it was mounted it still pushed the guy back a bit from recoil. We were constantly making jokes about MURIKA, FREEDOM and EAGLES etc lol.

To get from Vegas to Sacramento for the wedding, we hired Bumblebee, I mean an SS Camaro, to drive to Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks. Before leaving Vegas we stopped at Ronald’s Donuts for vegan doughnuts! It was freezing but Heath and I insisted on the convertible, and having the roof down for as long as we could handle. I was rammed in the back with the luggage because the roof took up the entire boot. But we were officially road tripping in the USA.

Unfortunately by the time we reached General Sherman (A MASSIVE tree in Sequoia) it was already dark so we couldn’t see that much of it. But it was huge. We stopped at Gdunc’s Mom’s place in Fresno that night, and next day hit up Yosemite. At glacier point we could see El Capitan (A very flat cliff wall famous for climbing), the valley, and we spotted a Mule Deer and a Coyote!

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