Hong Kong Part 2: The Peak Promenade

Wondering around Hong Kong we stumbled onto Pottinger Street Costume Market with tonnes of fun things for fancy dress. We took the famous tram up to the Peak on Hong Kong Island for a sunset view over Kowloon and Causeway bay. There weren’t quite as many people as the cable car but it was still pretty busy, and lots of people setting up cameras at the top, including me. I even had to give some tips to one German tourist who was struggling with her photos haha.

We went to the promenade and Avenue of the Stars both in day and night time. I took a couple night panoramas of the HK island side, but my main interest here is the Bruce Lee statue 🙂 He is an absolute legend. I took a few photos of and with the statue, and of all the ‘Stars’ I only knew the guys famous for their Martial Arts skills and films haha. Erika knew everyone of course, and was more interested in the McMug Golden Pig statue than the Bruce Lee one haha.

Probably the top thing on my Itinerary (OK after Disneyland, next post!) was the Bruce Lee Museum. It was well worth the visit and has a number of original items both from films and his personal belongings, along with photos, documents, and his general life story. You can’t take photos inside but there is a huge Bruce Lee Statue outside the building.

We also stumbled onto Snoopy’s World when heading to the museum, a small snoopy themed park. And Check out that fat fluffy cat in the window! It was a pet grooming shop and I think he belonged to the owner. Too cute and funny haha

View the Panoramas on flickr via the link under the photo to see them much bigger!

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