Davao & Samal Island

We also spent a night on Samal Island just a short boat ride from Samal. We stayed at Paradise Resort which was pretty awesome, we had a split cottage between the four of us and it was like having our own house! With a garden, patio, front gate etc. All while just 30sec walk from the beach and the restaurant that stretches across it.

They had some performances at the resort, like fire twirling and acrobatics, pool tables, ping pong tables, massages, gear for snorkelling etc. We got some surprisingly good vegan food both on Samal and in Davao. And as always tonnes of fruit shakes and “Buko Juice” or coconut juice. The ones at Samal were huge, seemed about 1ltr liquid in each!

We took a motor bike trip around the island to some waterfalls and a huge waterslide that lands in the ocean (video coming soon). We hired 2 moto taxis, so the drivers and 2 of us on each. Along the way, some guys started beeping at us. At first we couldn’t work out why, but they were warning our drivers that the police were nearby and it is illegal to carry 2 passengers haha. So we pulled over and got a drink, and continued on once they passed.

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