Dive Davao

Although the World Cup is coming soon, we prefer scuba diving to the type of diving the Italians do on the pitch! Erika had never been diving before, so she also joined for a scuba discovery. After initial hesitations about jumping in the water loaded up with all the gear on, and despite (or in spite?) of feeling a bit like hand luggage as the dive master drove her about, I’m pretty sure she wants to get her open water licence now!

The water wasn’t super clear but Sheryl still managed to find Nemo, while Lukas continued to be a comedian under water as much as on the surface, mostly through photo bombing and weightless crotch thrusting manoeuvres.

There was the usual “how much air did you use?” competition, but Lukas and I never had a chance against the petite Sheryl and Erika.

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