Rafting Davao

So I asked Lukas about joining us on a trip somewhere in the Philippines in June, maybe Cebu, and turned out he and Sheryl had already booked a trip that weekend for Davao! So we joined them there instead, not really having any idea what was in Davao haha.

Sheryl and her producer brain organised the entire thing for us too 🙂 With an action packed itinerary. Awesome. First up was Rafting on Davao River! 😀

The instructors were great and after an initial jump in the river to test our ability to get back on, we soon discovered it was his mission to then test our ability to STAY on, expertly maneuvering us into positions that would bump us off haha. First he got Lukas, and then me, but Sheryl and Erika caught on and sneakily jumped inside the boat at any sign of big waves haha.

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