Krabi 2013

Off to Krabi, Thailand! I was here a few years ago with Thommy, but now I’m back with Erika!. The beach suburb near Aonang is pretty much the same, bit more touristy, but its a good base point for the Phi Phi Island area. We were at the tail end of the monsoon season so weather wasn’t great, but we booked a boat/island/snorkel trip and a cave kayak trip (as we were booking it started pouring with rain).

The bus that collected us for the snorkel trip was another of Thai’s finest, wooden floor with a few planks missing! It rained on and off all day, and while we still went in the water, unfortunately we couldn’t get to Maya Bay because of the weather!! Oh well. The boat stopped at a tiny beach where there are lots of monkeys, one of them took a bottle of orange juice off someone (I think they handed it to him against the guide’s warnings!) and he opened it up and drank it, even had an OJ moustache! When we got back and were trying to find our bus, it started absolutely hammering with rain. Completely soaked again haha

Also rained on and off in the kayak trip, luckily at its heaviest when we were inside the caves! One we got out and walked a few steps into, the other we went right into on the kayaks. Pretty cool.

We ate once at the hotel and it was OK, the cocktails and snacks were better! ๐Ÿ™‚ Very different from my last trip, the beach front is now lined with crappy, expensive, foreign food restaurants. Why come to Thailand and eat bad Chinese or Indian food?! Going for a walk up the street away from the beach, we stumbled onto a small new restaurant called Nong Thai. We stopped at first because of the great smell! And the owner was very friendly. Only after we ate did we realise there was a promo too! Everything 50THB ($2). Food was very good, so we ate most of our meals here from then on!

Last day we walked to one of the private beaches, and there’s a lot of monkeys there! Came back, massage next to the beach and off the next morning ๐Ÿ™‚

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