Bali & Gili Trawangan

Heath and I headed to Bali for some fun and diving off Gili Trawangan! In Bali we were mostly just chilling out, eating lots of Gado Gado and visted Waterbom, an awesome water park. At Gili T, apart from diving we continued to chill and eat Gado Gado and tofu dishes from the night market, and sip on cocktails by beach and making friends with all the island’s cats. We went and bought some cat food to donate, along with some cash, to a shop that feeds some of the strays. Our diving lodge was taking care of 3 also.

On the dives, We saw a tonne of sea life including sharks (first time seeing and diving near a shark!) lots of turtles nomming on sea broccoli, a couple of octopuses and moray eels as well as heaps of fish. One day there was quite a strong current so we did a current dive which isn’t particularly fun really – spending the whole time trying not to float too far from the instructor and not much time looking at cool stuff.

In our hut we found a huge foot-long gecko living in there. We casually mentioned it to the staff and they said, “oh you must be in hut 3. Don’t kill it!” haha, so they were well aware. We had no intention of harming it, he was our insect bodyguard! Although his loud calls right near your head and waking up to see it quite close to you in the middle of the night took getting used to lol

Sorry the video is a bit of a sloppy edit this time. But its taking far too long and time I don’t have, and I don’t want to delay any longer. So here it is! In full HD glory 😀

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