Sydney 2012

Apart from catching up with people in Sydney, I also spent a day on a yacht with Justin, Heath & Chris and ate probably the best mangoes I’ve ever had, went Go Karting at Eastern Creek with Shippo and Lindsay, checked out the giant Rubber Ducky in Darling Harbour with Leen & Mei Li, New Years Eve in Glebe with Phil & Meags, and a couple of meals at Veggie Cafe Bad Manors with Phil & Gabbs, Tim cooked Vegan Ratatouille, My Sis made Vegan Gluten Free Chocolte cake, playing with Josh and hanging out at home! Living the high life! 😀

A little budgie landed on our balcony and was super friendly, happily sitting on my arm/shoulder. Definitely a pet. Got him some nuts and while trying to find a box for him and some water he flew off again 🙁 Hope he found his way home!

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