So, after 6 years, I’m finally heading back to visit Australia! First stop is Perth, where my sister Angela and her family live. The last time I saw my nephew Benjamin was 6 years ago! He’s now 7, and Jacob is 4, who I have only met over skype!

Being Australia, the fisrt thing I did was help clear Redbacks off the boys’ bikes! We then headed up to King’s Park with a view over the city, and on the ferry ride back there was a couple of drunken….locals…..being idiots, with one climbing out the window on to the front of the boat. The Captain (I think Canadian) did very well not to lose his sh*t at these guys and held back from using much stronger words in front of the families on-board.

I got a few presents for the boys, one of which was a kind of bottle rocket kit. Making two rockets out of paper and foam, powered by jumping on a plastic bottle to force air up a pipe and launch the rockets! They loved it and we played with it for hours. We went to a few other parks, the headland, the beach etc.

I also went to the Perth Mint, where they tell stories of how the 3 largest gold nuggets ever were found (2 by accident!) and you can hold foam replicas (sadly not worth the same). They also do a melting demonstration and turn an urn of liquid gold into a 200oz bar. They have been using the same gold every day, estimating it has been melted over 37,000 times!

After four days, the boys had worn me out! They have endless energy from dawn to dusk! 🙂 Angela has cooked up some awesome veggie dishes while I have been here too, including gluten free muffins! 😀 Was great to see you all! Now… off to Sydney!

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