Boracay Dive Trip

Figure its about time I got my dive licence! So the Three gringos Amigos are off to Boracay! (That’s Heath, Duncan & myself btw). Heath already has his licence so he is going for the Advanced course, while Duncan & I go for the Open Water. We have four days which is pushing it a bit in terms of time, because there are 4 closed and 4 open water dives, 5 video chapters and questions and a final exam all to get through. So we were busy but its doable.

The very first time we put the gear on and started going under water, just 2m depth or so, I was freakin’ out a little just trying to get used to it, I was like “what am I doing?!”, but once you chill the F out and realise you can, actually breath under water, its all good. Shortly after we were already on our first open water dive down to about 6m, and as soon as you see all the coral and fish etc you stop worrying about your gear and just enjoy it 🙂

On day 3 the water was really choppy and a bit of a current so we had to bail on some of the tests for the next day. On the last dive, a bunch of small coincidences led to me losing my GoPro camera 🙁 Like I had been looking for some cord I brought as a tether in the morning and couldn’t find it, my air was running low, right at a time we handed over the camera for a picture, different surfacing location etc. and because I only realised I had dropped it just as we surfaced, we couldn’t go back for it (dive safety thing) even though it was directly beneath us. Grrrr! Oh well, at least I swapped my memory card out that morning so I didn’t lose all of my footage. It sucks and could easily have been avoided, but I was busy concentrating on the whole “breathing” thing and staying alive and all that…

After the final tests, they prepared one more ‘snorkel test’ for us. They had been hinting and laughing about it all day and we partly guessed what it was, but not to the extreme level they presented us with. Basically, they filled up a huge teapot full of a very strong cocktail (vodka, rum, coconut, pineapple juice etc) and poured it through our snorkels!! So we had to scull the entire thing. We were instantly drunk after that, and useless when tyring to get ready for dinner and going out, just giggling like school girls and achieving nothing hahaha.

Vodka shots were then handed out over dinner and before we headed in to town. Luckily I didn’t take as many of these as the other two because by the end of the night both were a mess haha and I had the mission to get us all to the airport for a 6am flight! During this whole late night event Duncan also managed to lose his GoPro camera!! But his was likely stolen. So 3 GoPros went out and 1 came back. Still, enough footage made it back for the video below 🙂

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