Xmas in KPH

So after no sleep on my flights from Mexico to Japan, no real sleep in Tokyo, or on the flight out, I arrive in Bangkok around midnight, head in to town and sleep around 4am. The next day I got a night bus down to Koh Phangan to make it in time for Christmas, but again another sleepless night! Xmas eve we partied on the beach till around 5am. After a few hours sleep was up again and its now Xmas day. I figure at this point I’m running on a total of about 20hrs sleep in the last week, so you could say I’m a little sleep deprived.

That night we partied harder, and after a few buckets (drinks) at around 5am I think my body had finally had enough! When my mate Decha woke me up the next day I asked what time it was. He said 6. Crap, I’ve only been asleep like an hour? No, 6PM he said! haha WTH?! I managed to sleep the entire day!? I’ve only ever hit 12hrs sleep once before, after another long round of sleep deprivation haha.

Anyway it was a great party on the island, and a much more low-key 3rd night before heading back to Bangkok for New Years!

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