Speedboating in Cancun

Cancun. Notorious for parties. Whatever. I’m not here for Spring Break, I’m here to drive a fu***ng speedboat! WOO!

Thats pretty much the only reason I’m spending a night here other than to fly out. This sounded too awesome to pass up. Basically you get a mini speedboat, go out from the lake, through the mangroves, and out to a reef in the ocean for snorkelling before caning them back to the dock. This was so freaking fun.

They tell you, “no zig zaging”. Whatever. They also said its almost impossible to capsize these things, but I reckon I came close a few times! 🙂

I did make a trip to the beach too, which was surprisingly empty, and at the hostel they had a party with a Pinata! That last photo is my last meal in Mexico, not exactly thrilling, but it was the only vegan option at the airport! The speedboat however was definitely a great way to spend my last day in Mexico and cap off this awesome adventure.

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