Nagano Road Trip I : Matsumoto and the Nagator River

Road trip time! I went on a road trip with Masa, Aiko and her brother, North West to the “Japanese Alps” or the Hida Mountains, in Nagano.

We stayed in nearby town Matsumoto, which has lots of cool old buildings, and Matsumoto Castle! Oh, and Ninja Frog Statue! On the way back we stopped in Nagator, Saitama, to go River boating on the Nagator River, and then some batting cages where I apparently hit the home run target, scoring some free games and my name on the scoreboard! The lady was nice enough to print it out right then so we could take a photo. I then won some more free games on the pitching target game. Both funny and pretty good considering I have no hand-eye (or any) coordination at all. 😀

Kamikochi is part of the Chubusangaku National Park in Nagano, and is at the base of the surrounding mountains with the Azusa river flowing through.

Kamikochi, Chubusangaku National Park
hida mountains
Matsumoto Castle
Riverboating on the Nagator River, Saitama.

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