St Patrick’s Day 2010, Toronto

With the number of Irish surrounding me every day and most of my mates here being Irish, St Patrick’s Day was always going to be big, apart from the fact that it’s a Wednesday and I have a job…. At least I did…

Two days ago C.O.R.E. (who I work for) announced bankruptcy (no I had nothing to do with it). This leaves with A: The day off; and B: an extra reason to have a drink!

The weather was beautiful, so we sat on the roof in the sun all afternoon, drinking. There was of course a band of Aussies too. Check out our Vegemite grins! Then someone decided we should climb the adjacent building, and in the general drunken state everyone agreed it was a good idea. So up the fire escape we went and had a good view over Toronto in our local area! We all survived. No injuries surprisingly.
We carried on into the night and it was a pretty good, and crazy, day!

These photos are not only from my camera, so don’t blame me for some of these haha 😀

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