CN Tower, Toronto

I scored 2 free tickets up the CN Tower from a mate at work! So I went with Jess, Mark and Dan for city views and shenanigans.

You get a great view over Toronto, including the harbour and lake. We went late to get dusk and night time in the same viewing. Its actually kind of hard to take decent photos though because of all the lights, both inside and outside the tower.

There are 2 observation decks, and the lower one has glass panels in the floor so you can look directly beneath and walk on it! There’s a bunch of interesting facts involved with the tower too, like people running up the stairs and the world’s longest flying fox.

My tickets also came with a pass for an “attraction” at the Tower. We tried it just to see what it was, and it was the lamest, most unimpressive and useless attraction possible. Remember those shuttle 4D experience things? I think one must have been on fire sale from an 80s fun park, because it had no purpose being in the CN Tower. We followed the journey of a log in a timber factory. Excitement! haha.

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