Blue Mountain

Why do I even attempt things that involve balance? I mean, even Nintendo’s Wii Fit gave it to me straight “You have no balance”. Nevertheless, I joined the gang to visit the girls in Blue
Mountain and made an attempt to move on ice.

With my last, first, and only attempt on the snow ending in complete failure, I opted for skis instead of a board this time. I was still terrible. I even fell off the magic carpet (travelator thingy) first time up. But by the end of the day I was able to make it down the easy slopes without falling over.

Day 2 I even tried the larger slope twice, but this required using the ski lifts, and I made a spectacle both times, taking out Nathan as we tried to get off at the top. The first go I made it all the way down (albeit slowly) without falling, but round 2 I fell, and because of the steep angle it took 15min and help from a snowballing Nathan to get back up again.

OK. It was fun. But let’s go back to Toronto now.

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