UK Xmas 2009

I ventured back to the UK for 2 weeks to collect the rest of my stuff and prepare for a Canadian winter, but the weather in London was colder and with more snow than I have seen so far in Toronto!

My first stop was Vita Organic (an awesome vegan cafe) for lunch with Elouise, who I’d manage to lock-in for a limited number of hours between her 17 nanny jobs. Later I met up with Cat and was able to crash at their place again with Liz, but I’m a poor substitue for Jon who left mid year 🙂

I decided to be a tourist and do some stuff I hadn’t got round to even after spending a year in London. Camden markets for example is wicked and I don’t know why I never went before. I found a crazy retro/rave shop called “Cyberdog” with 80s toys, modern retro gadgets, rave gear, dancers etc. Tried Inspiral veg cafe that was completely packed.

The Xmas lights were pretty cool as usual in Soho too.

The British Museum is right near central London and I completely overlooked it before. Its also FREE apart from the odd special exhibition and huge.

As usual, snow meant London was at a standstill. It took 2hrs for a 30min bus ride, and I was lucky to make it down to Gosport at all, as the trains were all canceled for days before and while running on the day were still severely delayed. Not for the cold or snow on the track, but leaves. Seriously.

I did make it down in time though to spend my 3rd consecutive Christmas with my uncle Tony, aunt Gudrun and my cousins! Following German tradition, main business happens xmas eve and allows for a sleep in on xmas day, much food and drink was consumed 🙂

Luckily my flight back wasn’t canceled (although a leaf had blown onto Heathrow runway or something) so I was able to fly back to Toronto, but I was only staying a night before heading to New York!

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