Hockey: Marlies vs Lake Erie

Tickets to watch the Maple Leafs are about $90. Their season tickets are sold out for years to come. They are the best financially-backed Canadian NHL team. But, they suck. The Leafs are at the bottom of the tables. Almost dead last. So why go see them?

Don’t! Go see the Marlies instead. The Marlies are like Toronto’s second division team, and players can move up to the Leafs. You can get tickets for $25 to the Ricoh Coloseum, up from the waterfront.

Between one of the periods they brought out some little-leaguers which was pretty funny to watch. One of the goalies couldn’t even stand on the ice and conceded goals pretty fast. The mascot had to even carry him off the ice!

And don’t forget, its just ice hockey here.

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