Distillery District, Toronto

Well I’ve finally got myself a new camera! After my Ricoh R6 died a few months back I’ve had to leech whatever photos I could. So As a self birthday present I’ve bought myself a brand new Ricoh CX1 🙂 Now in hand, I headed to the Distillery District in Toronto to test it out.

The Distillery District is home of the old, huge, Gooderham and Worts Distillery, and the is largest collection of Victorian era industrial architecture in North America! (Thanks Wiki).

There are loads of restaurants, cafes, pubs, boutque sohps etc. I found a bakery with gluten free vegan cookies! And because one of them was broken he gave me two 🙂 Later I spotted a group of people in….Victorian?? clothing. No idea what they were doing but provided some good photos 🙂

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