Halloween, Toronto 2009

Halloween isn’t that big back home. In London you spot loads of people heading to parties all dressed up, but this is North America, and I’ve been told Canadians really go a little nuts celebrating it!

Another lastminute costume, I ran around Chinatown trying to work out an idea and get something together, and I ended up putting together a Chuck Norris outfit for a few bucks 🙂 You know, most people don’t realise that Walker Texas Ranger is actually a documentary.

Irish Dan had the best costume of the night, coming as Mr T!! Complete with black-face and arms hahaha.

The only problem is that Mr T and Chuck Norris can’t stay in one place at the same time, or the building would simply implode due to the level of awesome. So after taking a couple of I joined some friends to an ESL (English student) party. There were loads of costumes, but most of them didn’t seem to know who Chuck Norris was!? Blasphemy!

After the party we walked down Church Street and it was like a street festival, loads of people hanging out and taking photos, or being in them. Some really good costumes around. Unfortunately I still don’t have a camera so this is all I could get a hold of!

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