U2 360 Tour, Toronto

So there’s a bunch of Mexicans in the hostel, maybe 12 or so, and a few of them are in my room. Good blokes. They tell me they’re all massive U2 fans, and they came here just to see them, after already being to two of the shows elsewhere! I didn’t even know U2 were playing.

Mexico wasn’t on U2’s tour plan so they were taking whatever chance they could to see them and Toronto isn’t that far, so they bought their tickets and headed up. Unfortunately a few of their mates didn’t make it past immigration! So fortunately, for me, they offered to sell me the tickets and next thing I know I’m going to see U-freaking-2! 🙂 And for only $45!

The setup was awesome, A huge round stage with spider-like legs leading up to a screen and light set up at least 30ft up. Part way through the concert, the screen separates and expands downward from the top, creating a huge 360 Degree screen center stage. Awesome.

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