Toronto Vegetarian Festival, 2009

So I’ve just landed in Toronto, and I’m already volunteering at the Toronto Vegetarian Festival!

Held at the Harbour Front Center each year, the festival celebrates all things Vegetarian, offering great food, information, cooking demos, talks from people such as Brendan Brazier – A successful vegan Tri-Athlete who also developed the Vega Sports supplements – music and more.

Two of the days I was working the Veggie Challenge tent, getting people to try going vegetarian for a week with the help of recipes and nutrition advice. I seemed to have a natural talent for this 🙂 And of course answering any questions and countering any ridiculous arguments! Ha!

There was loads of great food, much of it vegan and gluten-free! The weather was great too, so I spent a lot of time there just eating and watching the demos and shows. If I’m still here next year I’ll be back for sure.

I should volunteer more often.

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