Nha Trang

Nha Trang is basically a Beach Party town, with not much else! I got the second sleeper bus with Dave and Scott from the UK who I met in Hoi An. Dave has got another foot on me, so he was struggling even more to fit in the sleeper, it was however slightly better than the first one at least, but we still couldn’t actually get any sleep.

Warning – this is a long post, I think I’m catching Rob’s disease: encyclopedicpostitis. πŸ˜€

When we got there we checked into Backpacker House, only the second hostel I’ve stayed at in Vietnam! Actually its not very hostel like, more like dorm hotel. It doesn’t really have any social aspect to it, and you don’t need to stay there to visit the restaurant and bar under it. Either way we still met, at least talked to, a few people in the connecting room and hotels were more expensive in Nha Trang. Its nice and clean too.

First some breaky at the Green Apple Restaurant next door (we ended up eating here a few times!), then sleep for about 6hrs! We got up and checked out the beach which is pretty nice and very very long. Nha Trang is actually very popular with Vietnamese so there is a good mix of locals and tourists.

We spotted Crazy Kim’s with a sign saying 5pm Happy Hour, and it just so happened to be 5pm, so in we went for pool and drinks. Some guy selling books tried to play Scott in pool, saying if he lost he had to buy a book. A; We didn’t want a friggin’ book, let alone a dodgy photo copied one, and B; He was clearly a pool shark. He got very pissed off we didn’t want to play and stormed off. Idiot. Other kids gave us dirties for not buying books off them either. Little smart-asses should be in school not trying to rip off tourists. And with an attitude like that no way I’m buying off you!

Nha Trang - The Sailor's Club

Anyways we ended up at Guava, Why Not and the inevitable Sailors Club all on the first night, ticking off 4 of the most popular places on the first day! We met an Aussie and Kiwi girl and I made plans to go on the Boat Trip with them, as I was leaving earlier than Dave and scott. We also met the British manager of the Sailor’s Club and he told us about a big party they were having in a couple days, and invited us to come early for free drinks! In a same-same-but-different kinda way, they sold Drinks in Jars instead of buckets here to the same effect.

We basically spent our time on the beach, sleeping, and partying. I was only here for a few days but it was enough! Oh, If the framing on my photos seems a little odd recently, its because the few lines on the screen have now completely covered it. I can literally only see white, and it has no view finder. Luckily I’m pretty good at framing without it anyways because I’m so used to taking self-photos as a solo travler :)

I was talking to an Aussie guy sitting on a street corner one night, and because we were standing there apparently it meant we wanted drugs, or books, or motos… “You want marijuana?..” No thanks mate…..”marijuana”…no. “Marijuana”…No. ………”marijuana?” NO!!! Gaaah!! Am I really going to say yes on the 4th time?? Go away!

Nha Trang - The Sailor's Club

Back for the beach party at the Sailor’s Club, (did I mention the bar opens out onto the beach? and the beach btw is lit up quite well at night which is nice) we ended up getting there late so had to pay entry, but we found the dude and he sat us at the table loaded with Vodka and mixers. Nice. The table was a tour group and a few randoms, and mostly girls. Also nice. There were DJ’s, dancers, the Brit did Fire Poi, party games, free drinks, and we met loads of people! For all this though it all seemed a bit forced and didn’t have the relaxed atmosphere of the first night, there were also less people. Once we got on the dance floor nothing mattered though haha. Unfortunately while on the dance floor throwin’ some shapes (thanks for that term Rob and Tommy) I was suddenly ill, ran off to the bathroom and then straight back to the hostel! I hadn’t actually drunk that much as I had to get up early for the boat the next day, and I didn’t feel drunk. I just felt ill. I was more angry though that It forced me home and I hadn’t got contacts of anyone I’d just met!! Grrr.

Talking to people later on, without even mentioning it, some warned me about drink spiking there. Apparently they spike you and then rob you outside. So I guess I could have been worse off.

I manged to make it up for the boat trip at 8am, but wasn’t exactly spirited. I also managed to leave my glasses in the van that picked us up. The girls we met the other night weren’t on same trip, AND my camera is now completely DEAD! Zero. Nothing. This day is going pretty well so far…

The first stop is a dodgy aquarium so I stayed outside and chatted to some people from the boat. A couple of big Belgian boys who now lived in Vietnam, were definitely in good spirits, and on the beers before we even left the dock! Next we got into the water for some snorkeling. This made me feel a lot better! But the snorkling itself was terrible, the dodgy masks let in water and there wasn’t a great deal to see.

Back on the boat we had a half decent lunch laid out, I also got word my Glasses were found and I could get them on the way back to the hostel! Feeling much better now. Then they started pulling something down from the roof. I couldn’t work out what it was, turns out it was a drum kit! Made from barrels and bits and pieces, a band formed out of nowhere and they claimed they could sing a song from ANY country! And that they did, hit with Belgium, Korea, Australia, England and others they had a track for all, and made whoever gave their nationality get up and join in on the action karaoke style. One Aussie boy said he was a pomme to get out of it, but then his dad dobbed him, and me, in! So there we were singing Walt Sing Matilda on a boat to a bunch of randoms in Vietnam.

At another spot we got into the water again with a bunch of rubber rings, and one of the guys was serving wine in the water! On the way back there was a “fruit party” where they put out plates of various local fruits to try. Yum!

One night when I was having dinner, the guy who ran the restaurant was talking about how he doesn’t like people from North Vietnam! He reckon’d even Southern Vietnamese get the rough treatment in places like Hanoi, and they can tell by their accent. Not as raw a deal as foreigners but still. It was interesting hearing his views. It’s definitely true that the more south you go in Vietnam the friendlier people get. Except of course for Happy Hoi An, which is the exception in North Vietnam.


Nha TrangNha TrangNha TrangNha TrangNha TrangNha TrangNha TrangNha TrangNha Trang - The Sailor's ClubNha Trang - The Sailor's ClubNha Trang - The Sailor's ClubNha Trang - The Sailor's ClubNha Trang - The Sailor's ClubNha Trang - The Sailor's ClubNha Trang - The Sailor's ClubNha Trang - The Sailor's ClubNha Trang - The Sailor's ClubNha Trang - The Sailor's Club

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