Koh Samui

Chaweng beach is the longest beach on Koh Samui, with white sand, and very low flying aeroplanes landing at the nearby airport. I stayed at a brand new guest house called The Loft just 2min from the beach at one end of the main street. The water was beautiful, just cool enough to be refreshing, and this is the fist real swimming I’ve done in a LONG time, especially at a beach.

The main street has loads of restaurants and shops selling the usual crap, and guys trying holding exotic animals (monkeys, iguanas, snakes) asking you to buy a photo with them (not sure what kind of life these animals get! πŸ™ ). The main problem with this street however is that is smells like shit. Literally. There are drains every 20m or so, and the are open to raw sewage it seems, and every now and again an extra strong smell wafts out of them. This really sucks when your trying to eat dinner!

My friend on the beach was selling fresh cut fruit, and was amazing at slicing it up. She cut a whole pineaple in about a minute, cutting the thick skin, then angled cuts taking out the spikes, making it almost into a pineapple ice block! At night I got fresh Corn Cob grilled over an open flame. She even remembered me the next day.

Rob, Tommy and I got ring side seats for some Muay Thai action at Chaweng Stadium “Toniiight, Toniiight. The best of the best. Fight of the Fight…” blasted the advertising for it. The first fight is opened with quite a long introductive dance that must be performed, and a shorter version before each following fight of the night. There was a guy playing a strange instrument throughout all fights, while fighters have their own entrance music.

Fights are 5 rounds of 3 minutes, in the first round fighters seemed to be sussing each other out and almost dancing to the
music with their foot movements. There were a total of 7 fights, and not one made it to the fith round!

The first fight seemed quite unfair, with a young, slim and very nervous Thai against a much bigger, harder looking Thai. Round 3 and the Ref called it, the young guy had to be helped out of the ring, but he did alright.

The final fight was English guy Reece VS a Thai fighter. It was a close fight, and we were a bit skeptical of Reece but he was impressive and stylish with a flying knee, then in 4th round came around with an elbow and got the Thai guy in the back of the head, shortly later delivering another elbow and final blow to win the fight.

After the fight we went to Club Solo, famous on Chaweng and only opens at 2am. There we watched the Manchester United game (They seem to have a lot of fans amongst the thais) & tried out the mechanical bull! Next morning we were off to Koh Phangan, as usual in a “taxi” ute with about 8 people and only luck holding our luggage to the roof above.

As Rob and Tommy were staying at a different place, they came seperately to the peir. And I was wondering if they were going to make it as the boat was basically rerady to depart as they walked up the pier and onto the boat, to join me sitting on the cramped deck of the boat. Where are we going again?


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