Koh Tao

After 7hrs on the bus, I arrive at a pier at 4am, only to wait another 3 hours for the boat! But finally, after 12 hours, I made it to Koh Tao. At the docks I scored a ride to a dive school but stayed just next door at Sunshine 1 and crashed out for a couple hours before chilling on the decks by the beach, walking out into the very shallow waters, and playing volleyball with some foreigners against the locals, and lost, but it wasn’t all my fault (I have Shahab’s special Swedish Volleyball training under my belt after all). Note to self, don’t lunge for the ball on a beach that is largely made of broken shells, gravel-rash is a bitch.

It’s about now I realised I have no shoes. I had tied them to my Pack, but had to fit them under the chair on the coach, and some how managed to forget them at the 4am changeover. At least they weren’t new.

I also realise I haven’t been taking nearly enough photos.

At night all the bars light up along the water and I hopped a couple of them with some divers, sitting on cushions drinking cocktails under the neon lights. Very chilled out.

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