Manly Sea Eagles VS Harlequins

I’m still not sure why I agreed to go to this match, the last time I went down to brooky oval Geoff Toovy and Cliff Lyons were on the cards. And the cards came with bubble gum. But hey, the Manly Sea Eagles won last year’s Rugby League comp in Australia, and so have come over to England for a few friendly matches, and I’m always one to jump on an Aussie Band Wagon.

Today they played The Harlequins in Twickenham, London.

Starting with a team of mostly reserves led to a poor half time result of 20-0 down, as an English supporter behind us asked “Is this the best you guys have got?”. Clearly NO. In the 2nd half the team returned with several of the normal key starting players (I only know this because Elouise told me) and of course we then scored a goal try within 4 minutes.

Final Score: Manly 34, Harlequins 26 !

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