After a 16hr mission from Killarney, I finally arrived to Sant Jordi Hostel in Barcelona! (FYI, 2hr Drive to Cork, flight to Dublin, flight to London, Flight to barcelona, 1hr Bus ride to town!)

We ditched our bags and immediately headed off to La Rambla, the main Night Life strip in Barcelona. After a Maoz falafel we found an Irish Pub of all places and were drawn inside by a girl from Estonia offering a free shot. We ended up staying there till 2.30 and talking to a drukard from Belfast.

In the mornign we went to Placa de Espana and saw the big castle musuem thing, and the fountain that usually puts on a big display but was out of action. Then to Sagrada Familia, the extravagant but unfinished Sagrada Familia. Designed by Gauidi in extreme detail, consctruction has been going since 1909. And it pretty much just looks like a construction site inside (so save your Euros!).

Saturday was a bit of a late start, but we planned a picknic in Park Guell, famous for its Gaudi architecture, including a mosaic lizard! I made quite possibly the world’s best baggette and ate all 1m of it making up for breakfast and lunch. Walking to the park, the streets looked like they had been hit by a hurricane. Even dumpsters were blown on their side. Inside the park was more evidence, as huge trees had been snapped in two or literally ripped from the ground. We hadn’t even noticed the storms the night before!


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