Keleti Station is Budapest’s main international train station, but it is quite small and chaotic. Because it doesn’t have many platforms you only find out which one your train is leaving from a few minutes before hand, so everyone crowds in front of the boards waiting. When I did get on the train, I was at first in a nice car with air conditioning and talking to a guy from Slovakia.

About 10min into the trip, the air-con stopped working. Then the lights. Then when the Slovakian got off we stopped for about 20min while they fixed something on the train (not the air-con or lights).

Wondering what was going on I got talking to a Chilean guy who was wondering up and down the train trying to find out, and ended up sitting with his family in a different car which had no air-con so we could open the windows. But it was still boiling. And there was nowhere to get water!

We were later told the other car was a 1st class car, and it was put in second class BECAUSE the air-con didn’t work!! Bastards! haha.
At the next station the Chilean and a Brazilian guy ran out to grab some water and I had to stop the doors closing and the conductor from letting the train go without them! haha

11hrs later with no sleep and boiling, I got to prague and then back home where I could finally sleep!

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