Budapest, Buda Walk

Today I decided to walk to the Buda side. I started on pest going past the Parliament, which is a huge gothic looking building, before crossing the bridge and walking up the steps to the Citadel. The hike up is pretty easy, but it was just so damn hot! I was literally melting. I didn’t go into the citadel itself but its a great view over budapest and there is a tall pinacle just outside it. Loads of tourist buses and little market shops.

Walking down from there I entered the palace which is huge and free to walk through. There didn’t seem to be a real path to take, just roam freely. Ironically I couldn’t find the catacombs! There was something that looked like an archaeological dig, and an underground museum which was locked (some tourists couldn’t even find there way out of it!). But didn’t see the entrance to the catacombs anywhere.

Went back to the Hummus bar for late lunch and chilled at the hostel before heading to get my next train. Funnily enough the guys from Carpe De Noctem were there too 🙂

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