+1 Skill: Sewing

Ahh the little skills you learn while traveling; How to order a drink in 12 languages, how to clean an entire load of washing in the bathroom sink, the ability to sleep through anything, and now sewing. Well sort of.

My Jeans were looking a little worse-for-wear, so I took faith in a £1 sewing kit. My previous sewing experience consists of threading needles for mum, and finding (read: stepping on) all the pins she left around the house. But if Phil can worm his way past Star City’s ‘no ripped jean’ policy with a kit from 7-11, surely I can fix these little holes.

About 2 hours and 12 meters of string later, my jeans were “patched”. I wouldn’t start sending me measurements for your next formal outfit, but at least you can’t see what colour underpants I’m wearing anymore. It will probably all come undone once I wash them, but thats a long way off (another backpacker skill).

Those kids in China must have loads of fun. I know you all want to see my handy work, so here it is.

Jeans = Fixed

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