I was planning a short trip back to London to pick up a bag I left (I broke my rule of 2 bags only damnit), sort some things, buy some things, and catch up with Naomi before she left the UK. I’ve been wary of these so called low-cost airlines, using weird airports, early flights, and low baggage limits, but this time it was just what I needed so i gave it a go.

PRG: Departing 7.30am Prague

Getting up early isn’t my strongest point, but I ‘woke up’ at 4am to get to the airport, which although uses a tram, a train, and a bus (119 from Dejvicka), was pretty easy at 5am. Then no ques and straight on to London no worries. They even have poker machines Las-Vegas style in the airport!

LTN: Arriving 8.30am at Luton

Having no czech-inn luggage is great. So no food on board, but its only a 1.5hr flight and I bought a snack at the airport. It was so too early to be surrounded by screaming and crying babies (not that any time is a good time for that).

I know its early, but when we got to customs, there was basically no one to check us and we had to wait a little, for some staff to start at 9 i guess?! But didn’t take too long.

Luton has a train direct to Kings Cross St Pancars, but you have to find the shuttle bus to “Luton Airport Parkway” first, and thats where you get the train from (didn’t see any signs to tell me this), and then its Ł11 each way, (which is similar to heathrow express, but you can also get the tube from Heathrow for a cheaper option). Apparantly there are buses that run to central also, but are much slower and aren’t much cheaper. From Kings X you can get anywhere, as long as the tube line you want is running that weekend…

LTN: Departing 15.30

Luckily I checked the timetable when I arrived at Kings Cross St Pancras, because there are only 3 (THREE!) trains that run to LTN on a Sunday! So if I just rocked up like I planned I would have missed the train, and the plane. Then they tried to trick people into paying an extra Ł6 for first class by confusing people where they could and couldnt sit, and only 2 of 7 carriages were standard!! So for our Ł11 a few of us had to cramp in the door way passage for the trip.

Luton may be a smaller airport, but it is definately not without the ques, frustration and chaos that people seem so scared of at Heathrow (I have never had any troubles at Heathrow. Gatwick however…) Do people think no one flies on Sundays? I thought all the businessmen took late Sunday flights to be back at work on Monday?? I really needed the FULL 2hrs just to make it to boarding on time. I was suprized we were only slightly delayed for take off.

It seemed to only have one runway/landing strip. I’d hate to be organising that schedule. Literally 2min before we took off one plane landed, then we follwed behind down the same stretch of tarmac. I wonder what happens when flights aren’t on scheduel??

Prg: Arriving 6,30

Finally back to prague, same Bus, Train, Tram home. A 2hr flight takes around 6hrs door-to-door.

In the end, I only saved about Ł20 really over the BA flight, but the times did work out better. I just need to get in on some of those Ł1 flight deals! (plus Ł200 “taxes” :)

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