UPP had it’s yearly work/client party this week! They have staff only parties throughout the year, but this one shows off for the clients – meaning they go all out. We left for a couple hours to come back for the main party and went bowling at a pub nearby. (Bowling here is associated with drinking, and are actually inside pubs! Only small, 4 lanes or so, but many people using them).

But Im not sure why we left, considering there were girls on motorbikes manning the door (sorry no photos! Only took these 2 later on), in full motorbike gear, and cocktails being served inside, multiple bar areas, and a DJ. When we came back there was a police van in our street – I joked to myself about cops raiding the party.. There they were at the front door. Apparently they make frequent appearances at the parties. Not really hassling though just checking in and monitoring noise.

As usual, alcohol enhanced foreign language abilities (theirs, not mine) and I talked to lots of staff I hadn’t before. The party was pretty good, but at the end I think the bar staff got a bit happy with the mixing, and just started making rocket fuel! The last drink I had was terrible, and sent me home pretty fast. Woke up at 11am.. then 1am.. no work today.. Went in on Saturday and I wasn’t the only one. About 5 people showed up at 9 on Friday (ones who weren’t at the party?!) and most didn’t stay the full day haha.

Why oh why do they do it on a school night? :)

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