Avenue Q

Musicals are about as high on my fun radar as books, but Jon convinced me this one would be worth seeing.
Think Adult Sesamea Street meets RENT. Completely politically incorrect. And Very funny.

The cast of 7 has a male and female lead who perform most of the puppets voices, and use facial expressions and actions to match the puppet they are controlling. The main set stays on the whole show, but is reworked for various scenes and reveals a few hidden secrets. There’s also an introduction and bits presented as 2D animation on flat screens that lower from the roof.

The characters are intentionally stereotypical: a black guy aka “Gary Coleman”, a closet gay guy, a ball-breaking “Oriental” wife, and a struggling Jewish Comedian.

There are non-musical bits, but of course its all about the songs, and with jingles such as “It sucks to be me“, “Everyone’s a little bit racist“, and “The internet is for Porn“, you won’t be disappointed. These also give you an idea of the the direction of this show.

This is a pretty crap trailer and doesn’t do it justice, but you can get the idea at least.

[flash http://www.youtube.com/watch/v/0IeF-qC9jHU w=425 h=355]

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