Xmas at Gosport

As bright and happy as London is during winter, I went down to Tony & Gudrun’s place (My Uncle & Aunty) at Gosport (across from Portsmouth Harbour) for a more cheerful xmas. I think it’s the most of my relatives I’ve seen at the same place and time! Shows you how spread out our family is, spread out over countries such as Australia, Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Holland, Chile, China & USA, just to name a few!
Following German Tradition, we had a big dinner on xmas eve, and followed with the presents. (My cousins Peta and Noah have no arguments with this tradition as you could guess, giving them a 12hour advantage!)
Xmas Day continued with a big Lunch, and if you’re wondering what a vegan eats on Xmas day? Nut roast, baked potatoes, salad, garlic bread, biscuits, custard etc!

Unlike Oz. the UK actually puts some of their Biggest shows on Xmas day. Special episodes of Eastenders to Dr Who. But Boxing day is all about Football.

I met my cousin Marc and his family on boxing day for the first time, and they are all vegetarian! I think we actually out-numbered the non-vegetarians. Just.

We took their dog Tilly for a walk, and noted the not-so-secret Mi5 Spy Training centre (seriously, thats it, right next to the golf course, where real James Bonds are born! Maybe I should inquire about a position?) and a decommissioned fort on top of the hill.

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  1. hi pete i havent read thisa til now but i like it (especialy as i am init lol) anyway, we will see you next time you come down to gosport or on skype . so, cya. Peta

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