RTW: p62b – Back to Paradise (A.K.A. Corfu)

After the bus, the ferry got in to Corfu around 7:30am, and we waited for a few more people before fitting again 6ppl in to a car and driving back to the Pink Palace, where we had to take our Ouzo shot at check in haha. But it was Wednesday, and that means…TOGA night! We all hired Pink bed sheets from the hotel and Toga’d up for the night that included Greek dancing, plate smashing and of course more Ouzo. They picked one guy and sat him down in front of a bottle of Ouzo, made him take 7 successive shots, then smashed about 8 plates on his head! He was completely out of it the rest of the night. Zombie Like.
They then went around the circle and gave us a shot from the Ouzo Bucket before smashing single plates on each of our heads.

Me & Phil took our own little Quad Bike cruise and found a nice “highway” to push the bikes even further, and drove up a mountain which for some reason had a church at the top. With a nice Gravel Car Park. So we proceeded to do burnouts for 30min (video coming) and the bikes chains came off many times, lucky Bayno showed us how to fix it last time. We somehow made it back to the PP just before dark, and eventually we had to leave and fly out of Corfu – from the bus I spotted an EMU living in someones backyard! Seriously!

Our conclusion:

Santorini = Day trip only.
Athens = Ok
Corfu = Paradise
Pink Palace = Awesome
PP = Corfu, Corfu = Greece, therefore The Pink Palace IS Greece!

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