RTW: p62a – Athens Backpackers & Santorini

After getting off the bus we jumped on the train and headed to Athens Backpackers Hostel. Quite large rooms with little balconies looking to the street, small bar downstairs where we went to sleep for a few hours because we couldn’t check in yet, people just walked around us going to breakfast, we then found the upstairs lounge directly above with comfy sofas, a projector screen, speakers etc! Good place to meet people, have a drink etc. Close to the station and some of the attractions are within walking distance. Internet was OK but the computers were ancient! They also run tours etc from there.

Now Athens may appeal to some, but after seeing some sights and walking around we were over it pretty quick so we caught a ferry to Santorini, as we heard the big islands of Ios, Mykonos etc were already dead quiet and the weather was stopping the ferries from getting there anyways.

It must be a chic thing cause all the girls rave about this place. Our view:

Pete and Phil: Santorini…OK…. FOR A DAY!

Once you’ve looked at the “pretty white and blue buildings”, there aint much else. We likened it to building on top of Ayers Rock in the middle of the Ocean. Who’s fukin idea was that? We agreed to accommodation with one of the guys standing at the dock with a sign, and got in his shitty van to drive up to the top (would take an hour to walk it) and the room was basic but OK. And we had a TV with quality Volcano Channel! And their music sounded strangely Italian, something like “Cinquecenta!”
We took a Glass Bottom Boat cruise and had to laugh because there was not a single fish to see, the volcano was very unimpressive, and the volcanic hot spring water was red but barely luke warm! We got Donkey’s back up one of the places, what a shit job for them. up and down the same stretch.

Our ferry back was canceled because of weather, so we cought a bus to theCyclone black sand beach after confirming the bus would take us back in time for our afternoon ferry. As we get off we ask what time it comes back, he says “Last Bus!” Shuts the doors and drives off… Thanks buddy!
We stood on the beach and joined a Kiwi girl and a Chinese couple sheltering in the bus stop trying to get out of the torrential rain and huge winds because the lady wouldn’t let us stand in her shop. Luckily a cab came around and we jammed all of us in and went back up to “town”. Then walked to the Kiwis hotel and got completely SOAKED. We dried off only to go out again for drinks and food, but this time just wearing shorts and a tshirt haha.

We eventually escaped the rock and fled back to Athens again. Some girls on the boat couldn’t believe we hated Santorini, but another Aussie bloke agreed with us (on the sly so his missus didn’t see). We all played Shit head (card game) for about 8hrs of our 10hr ferry ride. We arrived at Athens quite late, and 5 of us shared a Taxi in to town. Our luggage didn’t exactly fit.. He had a single Ockey Strap attached to the boot Lid which was conveniently concealing his rear windscreen. Didn’t seem to mind him as he hit 135km/hr on the road! We were just waiting for our luggage to end up all over the highway. We made it back alive though.

Spent the next day walking around Athens again before taking the nightmare bus back to Taking the same bus back to Corfu with people seemingly getting off the bus in the middle of nowhere.

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