RTW: p61a – Corfu = Paradise & The Pink Palace Hotel

The Pink Palace Hotel, Corfu. It’s a legend amongst backpackers who have escaped to tell the tale. I say escape, because once you get there you may never want to leave, note the first of the 10 Lies listed below. This hostel/hotel is run by “Dr. George”, split over a few buildings in the middle of paradise next to the beach on Corfu. In peak season, they hold over 600 people! Breaking out tents, fold outs, whatever they can and never turn someone away. We were past peak season, but it still had around 60 odd people.
They run events every night, like TOGA night: wear toga’s, get a plate smashed on your head, and party down with cocktails and ouzo. It is simply a party in paradise and everyone is in the mood to boogie.

10 Biggest lies at the Pink Palace:

* I’m only staying one night.
* I know how to ride a four wheeler.
* I’m never drinking ouzo again.
* I’m getting up early tomorrow.
* Someone else is in my bed; can I sleep with you tonight?
* I have a boyfriend back home.
* What, do you think I do this with every girl? You’re special to me.
* I just want to kiss you. You can keep your clothes on.
* Of course I remember your name.
* No, really I’m leaving tomorrow.

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