This is what happens when two of the most laid-back, likes-to-sleep in, un-phased, and un-planned travelers decide to take a trip together.

Back in September

Pete: Hey man, lets go somewhere
Phil: Yeah cool. How bout the Greek Islands or some shit?
Pete: Yeah alright, we leave in 3 weeks.
Phil: I have no money
Pete: I don’t care
Phil: Righto

OCTOBER 9 – 6:30am (flight 8:50am)

Pete: Shit, we should leave in 5min
Phil: OK
Pete: Want some more toast?
Phil: Yeah alright

8:00am Gatwick Airport

Airport Chic: I’m afraid you’ve missed your check-in
Us: Ohh no (depressed) :(
Chic: We can get you on another one
Us: Ohh cool (optimistic) :)
Chic: For £65 each
Us: Ohh shit… (Depressed) :(
Chic: Here you go
Us: Thanks (Over it) :)

Corfu Airport, Phil is the ONLY non-EU citizen

Greek Security (George): What is your name?
Phil: Phil Hassan
George: “Ha-saahn”?
Phil: Phil Hassan, “Hass-en” (no buddy I’m not a terrorist)
George: “Ha-saan”. From Australia?
Phil: Yes. Phil Hassan, I’m Australian
George: hmmm..
Pete: (WTF is Phil doing?)
Phil: (come on buddy)
George: hmm.. OK thank you Mr Ha-saan
Phil: Yeah thanks mate

And thus begins Phil & Pete’s Greek Adventures

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